Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a comfortable festive holiday at home!

With your car on the driveway, we recommend Thinkware dash cams with parking mode,
energy saving mode, winter battery protection and more features for the winter season!

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Thinkware Dash Cams, now at bargain prices with discounts up to $100.

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With more time spent at home and festive celebrations within households, Thinkware Dash Cams with Parking Mode and
Energy Saving Mode are perfect features for home parking protection during the long winter season.

The cold winter can drain your car battery quicker and aftermarket accessories exert more burden on your vehicle.
As a result, many drivers choose to forgo parking mode but you can prevent battery drainage with Thinkware’s Energy Saving Mode. Compared to Motion Detection recording, Thinkware U1000’s Energy Saving Mode 2.0 increases Parking Mode recording by 26 times to 23.4 days and Q800Pro’s Energy Saving Mode 1.0 can record up to 2.8 days (Tested with iVolt Mini External Battery). 

With the addition of Thinkware’s iVolt Mini External Battery, Parking Mode recording is sourced from the external battery pack and will greatly reduce the burden on your car battery. Without an external battery, Thinkware U1000 and Q800 Pro still offer Wintertime Battery Protection by automatically powering the dash cam off when the built-in voltage meter detects battery voltage going below the threshold setting. Get a Thinkware dash cam with proper Parking Mode on our Christmas sale.

Christmas sale will begin on December 14th until December 27th. Please check the sales period of each retailer as the start and end date may apply differently for each retailer.

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