EchoMaster OBD II Power Cable

The EchoMaster OBD II Power Cable will allow installation of a Thinkware Dash Cam into any vehicle*. This kit was designed to simplify installation and ensure seamless integration for enabling the built-in Parking Surveillance Mode in your Thinkware Dash Cam.

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Product Information

  • Cable Length: 3.77m (12.4 ft)

  • OBD II Power Cable
  • IGN-3F Ignition Module
  • Installation Guide

NoteNot compatible with electric or hybrid vehicles







With the EchoMaster OBD II Power Cable, the dash cam may take up to three minutes to switch from Continuous recording mode to Parking recording mode. This transition time between the two recording modes may vary according to vehicle make and model. For the shortest transition time (approximately 30 seconds), install your Thinkware dash cam using a Thinkware Hardwiring Cable. 

*Not compatible with electric vehicles

**Not compatible with F550