Black Friday and Cyber Week Buyers Guide

Black Friday Week (November 25th – December 1st) US Retailers TW-FA200C – 129.99 – $30 = $99.99 TW-FA200D16H – $179.99 – $50 = $129.99 Bundle Includes: FA200 Rear Cam, 16GB SD Card, and Hardwiring Cable TW-X700MU16C – $179.99 – $50 = $129.99 TW-X700D16CG – $249.99 – $90 = $159.99 Bundle Includes: X700 Rear Cam, External […]

Prime Day Exclusive Deals

A “Silent Witness” You Can Depend On. In the event of an accident, it is often difficult for drivers to recall the crucial details surrounding the accident, due to the shock and stress caused by the event. A DASH CAM plays the critical role of a reliable witness which can protect the driver against unjustified […]

How to Connect to your Dash Cam via Hotspot

Connecting to your Dash Cam via Hotspot unlocks the potential of the Thinkware Cloud Features. To use the Vehicle Tracking, Geo-Fencing, Impact Notification/Video, as well as Remote Live View, the Dash Cam must be connected to the Internet.  You can use your Smartphone’s Hotspot, Mobile Hotspot Device, or an in-vehicle Hotspot to provide Internet to […]

Top 5 Road Trip Destinations in North America

As the summer months and warm weather approach, the perfect time to plan a Summer vacation is among us. There are hundreds of picturesque destinations just under our fingertips, here in North America. When you’re an owner of a Thinkware Dash Cam, capturing beautiful driving footage has never been easier. Today we will be outlining […]