Why Does Thinkware Use Both Adhesive Tape Mounts And Suction Cup Mounts?

Currently, 3M adhesive tape mounts are included with all Thinkware dash cams. Our decision to make 3M adhesive tape mounts that standard for dash cam mounts is easy to understand once its advantages are realized. 1.) Secure placement The purpose of a mount goes beyond attaching the dash cam to the windshield. Reliability is extremely important when it comes to secure placement […]

Why Shouldn’t I Leave My Dash Cam Running Overnight in Continuous Recording Mode?

Thinkware user Simon asked us:  “Just got my F800PRO. I’m Thinking about ordering a hardwiring cable but I have a constant cigarette lighter socket in my car. Any reasons why I shouldn’t leave my dash cam running overnight?”  Hey Simon! A couple months ago, we wrote about to install hardwiring kit and what is required […]