Extending Parking Surveillance Mode

Hardwired your dash cam and wondering how to extend Parking Surveillance mode? Follow our suggestions down below to monitor your parked vehicle in Parking Surveillance for as long as possible. Off-Voltage/ Off-Timer Settings The Off-Timer and Off-Voltage features on the PC Viewer. Find these settings under “Record Settings”. The Off-Timer and Off-Voltage features on the F800/F800PRO/F200/F100/F70/X550 PC […]

Why You Should Enable Parking Surveillance Mode: Video Compilation

Although optional, enabling Parking Surveillance Mode to record with your car off has obvious benefits. Why not see exactly how Parking Surveillance Mode can help you in situations where your car has been compromised. Breaking Even With Break-Ins  After breaking in to a secured parking lot under a residential building, these burglars caused thousands of […]