6 thoughts on “Windows PC Viewer

  1. Alain says:

    When watching in 4k video, the software jerks, as if removing frames. On the 2k side everything is fine. In addition, it is impossible to switch from the front video to the rear video, the rear video does not appear on the top right like the MacOs software. It’s sad to buy such an expensive dashcam and to have such mediocre software for watching videos.

    • Thinkware Dash Cam says:

      Hello Alain, To play 4K dashcam videos on your PC, the system requirements must be met. This is why the 4K Footage is playing back laggy. Your device may not be able to support the playback of these 4K Files.
      Due to high resolution of the footage it is not possible to play both front and rear cam videos at the same time on PC viewer. For the 4K Footage only the Front OR Rear Can be played at once.

  2. Yap Kw Steve says:

    From within PC viewer, unable to access settings. Nothing happens after clicking on Dash cam settings

  3. Nigel. says:

    Very blurred, poor playback quality, unable to read stamp at bottom of screen. Playback quality fine with normal windows file playback, but not so convenient as unable to see front and rear cameras together.