7 thoughts on “Q800PRO Firmware US_1.03.02

  1. Blayde Crockett says:

    More like junk ware, you haven’t released a firmware update since 2019, I have had three replaced because it fails to work and your only solution is to keep replacing it with my more junk. I first had the Q700 Pro, your software update bricked it in 2020, then bought the Q800 Pro since the other was out of warranty, now this junk has one problem after the other – been through 3 replacements. It’s not made to handle summer heat, or cold temps below 32F or 0 Celsius; it does not connect to hotspot automatically, and when you do get it to connect it will disconnect after 1 minute, battery saver doesn’t work etc… not sure of another brand to go with but this high-priced junk.

    • Thinkware Dash Cam says:

      Hello Blayde, our sincerest apologies for the experience you had. We ask that you please contact our Support Team at support@thinkware.com so we can work out a solution with you and hopefully make your experience better!