Holiday Shopping Guide

My neighborhood is already decked with lights, bringing the “holiday feels” all around. The winter air just smells like Christmas, doesn’t it? Well, I for one, can’t wait to celebrate the holidays with my near and dear ones. But there is one thing I’m dreading, the gift buying. Are you, like me, confused about what gift to buy for your loved ones? It can be a daunting task to choose the perfect gift for the special people in your lives and be creative with those gifts every single year. Well, look no further because we’ve got your back. Whether it is for personal liability or safety, dash cams are the best holiday gift this season because they tell your loved ones just how much you care about their safety and peace of mind. Thinkware has been the trusted name in premium dash cams with our reliable and award-winning products that never fail to impress. And of course, this is the best time to buy one of our dash cams because it is Our Biggest Sale of the Year! It’s time for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, so take advantage of all our exclusive offers! We’ve gone ahead and made a holiday shopping guide to make your dash cam purchase a breeze this holiday season! We have assorted models on sale in different price ranges. You can check out all our exclusive discounts and offers in one place and make the decision based on what you’re looking for. Don’t sweat if you can’t understand some of the technical features as we have created resources to help even beginners to understand our dash cams like a pro. 

Under $100

If you’re on a budget and still want to buy a memorable and worthy gift, you don’t need to search any longer.


The Thinkware F70 is our entry dash cam model with Full HD video quality and Wide Dynamic Range. You can even enable Parking Surveillance Mode if the dash cam is hardwired. This is the best dash cam option under $100 for budget shoppers who care for their families and loved ones.


Under $250

If you have a bit more room in your budget and want to buy a dash cam packed with more features, we’ve got just the dash cams in mind for you.


F200 PRO 2-Channel Bundle

F200 PRO is an amazing offering for the price, trust us! Its Full HD video quality records everything with sharp and clear visuals, and you can easily view the recorded videos on your smartphone using the Thinkware Dash Cam Link app. It even has Parking Surveillance Mode and Super Night Vision if the dash cam is hardwired. You can install an optional GPS antenna and receive safety features like Advanced Driver Assistance System and Safety Camera Alerts (Red Light and Speed Camera Alerts). The bundle includes the front and rear camera so you can capture everything that happens in the front and rear view of your journey.


X1000 2-Channel Bundle

The X1000 is the first dual-channel 2K video quality dash cam with LCD screen and was launched fairly recently in the North American market. With the X1000, you can “Own the Night” with our latest Super Night Vision 3.0, which records in true color and reduces noise to a minimum. With both the front and rear camera capturing at 156 degrees, we have reimagined recording to cover a wider view of the road. Of course, with hardwiring and GPS antenna, you can have access to our Parking Surveillance mode and Advanced Driver Assistance System. The bar has definitely been set.


Under $500

If you’re in the mood to splurge and wish to only gift the best in the market, you’ve come to the right place. These products are also the perfect presents for yourself, and sometimes you need to treat yourself, especially after what a year we’ve all had. 


Q800PRO 2-Channel Bundle

The Q800PRO not only delivers great performance, but is also evidence of our innovative design. It has strikingly clear video quality with a 2K front camera and Full HD rear camera. You can easily connect the Q800PRO to a hotspot and get a notification on your smartphone with the Thinkware Cloud app if an impact happens. You can even view what’s happening live in real-time, remotely from your phone, and track your vehicle’s location on the app. We aim to bring both convenience and security to our consumers’ lives, and the Q800PRO is the way to go.    


U1000 2-Channel Bundle

With the unbeatable 4K video resolution and comprehensive driver assistance warning system, the U1000 is our flagship model with state-of-the-art features. You can easily connect the U1000 to a hotspot and get impact notifications, locate your vehicle and see the live view remotely right off your smartphone with the Thinkware Cloud app. The U1000 also has all the other required features like Parking Surveillance mode, Super Night Vision, Advanced Driver Assistance System, and Safety Camera Alert as well. The bundle contains a 4K front and 2K rear camera along with a hardwiring cable and a CPL filter. It doesn’t get any better than this!



If you already have a dash cam and want to jazz things up, why not consider some of our accessories.

  • Rear Camera – If you only have a front camera, a rear camera is a must-have! You may be missing half the story with only a front camera. We have rear view cameras that are compatible with different models, so ensure the compatibility of your rear and front cameras before purchase.
  • iVolt Mini External Battery – You can increase the duration of the parking surveillance mode with an external battery allowing your dash cam to remain in parking mode for up to 20 hours. 
  • Thinkware OBD-II Cable – The OBD II cable is an alternative power cable to a Hardwiring cable that enables Parking Surveillance and gives access to Motion Detection, Impact Detection, Time Lapse Mode*, and Energy Saving Mode* (*only in some dash cam models). Easy Plug and Play into your vehicle’s OBD port to enable Parking Surveillance mode without needing to do a hardwiring installation and hassle with the vehicle’s fuse box.
  • U1000 Radar Module – If you have our flagship model, the U1000, you can pair it with the Radar to extend the duration of parking surveillance mode and reduce power consumption on the vehicle’s battery. It uses lidar technology to detect motion. 
  • Memory Card – If you don’t want to risk overwriting your previous recordings so quickly, we have memory cards with a larger capacity to suit your needs. Our MicroSD cards are designed and tested for secure data storage. You can choose from 32GB, 64GB or 128GB. 

Price Match/Price Adjustment Policy

Effective between November 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021: If you find an identical item for less at an authorized US retailer/website (no third-party marketplace sellers), we will match their price. Any items you have purchased for a higher price during this period (Nov 1 to Dec 31, 2021) from us directly whether on our website, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Newegg, eBay, we will provide a price adjustment when brought to our attention. The promotional offer with the lower price has to be running at the time of request for a price adjustment. Subject to change.


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We hope this holiday shopping guide was of help to you and will make shopping easier for the season! Along with innovative products, we aim to provide excellent customer service to our customers, so please contact us if you have any questions at or 1(844) 865-9273. Happy Holidays!