THINKWARE Certified Refurbished
  • Tested and certified by THINKWARE
  • One-year warranty provided
  • All original accessories included
What Do Refurbished, Refreshed And Recertified Mean?
A refurbished, refreshed or recertified item found on our website, is a product that has been returned, repaired and/or tested as necessary, and restocked for sale at a lower-than-retail price. Products that are returned to Thinkware or our authorized distributors are sent to a facility where they are repaired (if needed) tested, repackaged, and put online for sale at a lower-than-retail price. A refurbished item is something that (but is not limited to):
  • had a cosmetic defect such as a scratch, blemish, or dent
  • did not work to customer’s expectations
  • was of older or used stock that was restored and tested
Every Certified Refurbished items are:
  • Tested, inspected, and cleaned rigorously
  • Updated with the most recent software available
  • Packaged in a new box with all original accessories included
  • Backed with a standard one-year limited warranty
Why Buy Refurbished?
A refurbished product can offer a lot of value. In many cases, it allows you to purchase a higher-end product at a significantly lower price point. And because these items are thoroughly tested to meet standard, as-new benchmarks, they are designed to perform just as well as a new item.
All refurbished products come with free shipping and a 1-year warranty.